Xbox Wire shares their tactical successes, failures from the ‘Titanfall’ beta

With the end of the “Titanfall” beta, the crew over at Xbox Wire have been working hard on your behalf (yes – it’s all for you), spending more than five days “jump-kicking Pilots, rodeo-ing Titans and getting our butts handed to us in Last Titan Standing.” They’ll be ready when “Titanfall” launches March 11, but so will you by learning from their tactical successes and failures.

Xbox Wire shares some of those “most memorable moments,” including one involving “wall running,” or being able to run across the side of buildings.

“While wall running our way down an alley, we were suddenly confronted with an enemy Pilot running in the opposite direction,” they write. “We managed to instinctively (read: luckily) fire a few rounds into him, before we both fell. By the time we figured out where he was, he had already wall run back the other way and killed us from a safe distance.”

For more “Titanfall” beta discoveries made by this brave (read: lucky) crew, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff