How enterprise mobility cuts health costs while improving care

Time is precious for a lot of things, but especially when it comes to saving lives. With enterprise mobility, health organizations can give their workforce instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere, anytime.

As the Windows Embedded blog explains, “Mobility is not just having a mobile device you carry with you; it can also be fixed devices that are located everywhere a user goes. In other words, you are the mobile part, finding devices where you need them.”

As an example, healthcare facilities with anywhere access to electronic health records (EHRs) that have patients’ information make it easier for clinicians to quickly make decisions and collaborate.

The blog goes in-depth into an example featuring HealthCast Inc., a Microsoft intelligent systems partner. It came up with a solution for Saint Luke’s Health System near Kansas City, Mo., which was “looking for a way to save medical staff time and help them better care for their patients without thinking about how to use the technology or having it slow them down.”

Saint Luke’s adopted HealthCast’s QwickACCESS solution, which features an enhanced single sign-on, utilizing Windows Embedded-based thin clients. It streamlines access to virtual and published desktops with the tap of a standard proximity badge. “This HealthCast solution is an intelligent system that automates access and security to EHR data at shared devices, so that clinicians can easily connect to and secure information residing on remote servers.”

These kinds of solutions can help keep costs under control while saving healthcare staff time, leading to more time for patient care. If you’re attending the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 2014 annual conference and exhibition (HIMSS), which begins Feb. 23, you can check out this intelligent system in the Microsoft or HealthCast booths.

Read more about Microsoft’s vision for healthcare and get more details on the HealthCast solution on the Windows Embedded blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff