After the zombie apocalypse, train ‘Deadlings’ to work for you on Windows devices

In a world taken over by zombies, the Not So Grim Reaper puts an army of the mindless minions to work in “Deadlings” – exclusive to Windows PCs, tablets and Phone devices until March 2.

Training your Deadlings isn’t easy in this brain-twisting,side-scrolling arcade puzzler which forces you to creep, climb, crawl and even fly to complete the labyrinth of obstacles. As the army of Deadlings grows, the mazes of the laboratory become deadlier, loaded with puzzles and death-defying traps.

But these minions also have special skills to help you navigate more than 100 levels and four worlds: Bonesack can run and jump with agility, Creep can climb on walls and ceilings, Lazybrain treads slowly and carefully and Stencher uses powerful gas clouds to fly.

Try a free trial of “Deadlings” from the Windows Store or the Windows Phone Store, and buy it for $1.99.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff