Lync update for Android phones now available

The Lync for Android update is now available, and new features include the ability to quickly rejoin a Lync Meeting that you just left (or were disconnected from) and pick up your conversations from where you last left them, writes Barak Manor on The Lync Team Blog.

The Android update follows Lync updates that were released recently for iOS and for Windows Phone.

With the update, you can rejoin a Lync Meeting with one simple click, helpful when you’re on the road, at the airport or even at home. “We know that sometimes the cellular coverage is not as perfect as we want it to be, so now you need only touch once the ‘Rejoin’ button at the conversation history page … and with one click you are in,” writes Manor.

Also, if you’ve been disconnected from a Lync Meeting due to a network problem, Lync detects when the network connection has been restored and notifies you with a “Rejoin” button on a yellow banner. “This way you just need to wait and touch once to be back on the Lync Meeting,” he writes.

The Android update also lets you get back to your conversations exactly where you left them. “We’re all familiar with times when we want to continue a past conversation from the exact place we left it and with the same people we had it with. Now, from your conversation history view, you will be able to continue past conversations that you had on your mobile device exactly where you left off,” Manor writes. “It saves time explaining the topic of the conversation and looking for the other person/group in the contact tab.”

Download Lync 2013 for Android, and to read more of Manor’s post, head over to The Lync Team Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff