Software-defined networking is key topic at 2014 Lync Conference next week

The Lync Conference 2014 will be held Feb. 18-20 in Las Vegas, and one of the big topics on the agenda is software-defined networking, writes Jamie Stark on the Lync Team Blog.

“We have seven core sessions talking about our strategy, the product enhancements we’ve made over the last year, and the partners who are working closely with us to bring SDN-powered solutions to market – Aruba Networks, HP, and Nectar,” Stark writes. “This is the second in our SDN blog series. If you missed my earlier blog that introduces what we’re up to with SDN, check it here.”

Ensuring both the reliable delivery of Lync traffic and a great user experience – especially as more users migrate to Lync mobile clients running on tablets and smartphones – “mandates robust, properly installed Wi-Fi infrastructure, enforcement of QoS prioritization, and diagnostics that can quickly identify the root cause of performance issues,” Stark writes.

Microsoft has partnered with Aruba to bring the benefits of the Lync SDN API to life by integrating it with Aruba’s Wi-Fi controllers, Stark says. “Aruba was the first Wi-Fi infrastructure to qualify under the Lync Wi-Fi AP Qualification program, and is today the only Wi-Fi solution that identifies and differentiate encrypted Lync traffic types.”

To read more, and to learn more about Lync Conference 2014, head over to the Lync Team Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff