How to plan your perfect day of romance with a little help from Windows 8.1

The edjing DJ app.

Trying to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day experience? Windows 8.1 can help, with a variety of projects and apps at the ready for romance. If you’re not sure which approach you want to choose, read the post by Amanda Epley on the Windows Experience Blog, which helps you decide depending on your relationship situation.

For example, she writes, if you are more of a classic romantic – “passionate kisses in the rain” and “Nothing can keep you apart, whether it be meddling parents or other suitors” – you can shower your sweetheart with personalized gifts. Among them, she suggests:

· Edit and print your favorite photo of the two of you, and put it in a pretty frame.

· Create a slideshow of your favorite pics as a couple.

· Got lots of video footage? Make a short, fun clip with Movie Moments and post it on Facebook for all to see. Or create something more cinematic with Movie Maker.

· Burn a CD of your partner’s favorite songs, or your all-time favorite love songs.

· Use the Hallmark Go Cards app to make a custom card. Bonus points if you write a little poem to go inside.

“Then, enjoy a romantic night in with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries by the fire,” Epley writes. “Have a sultry playlist ready to go in the Music app or edjing app, and wait for the sparks to fly.”

Say, however, you’re “that on-again, off-again couple that bickers constantly,” but also have “a ton of history together and enjoy long, deep conversations about love and relationships.” If that’s the case, you might want a casual night out. “Try the Foursquare app to see places that are currently trending or recently opened, or the OpenTable app to make quick, last-minute reservations,” she writes.

More subtly, if you’re “deeply attracted to each other, but somehow always manage to complicate things,” and also “creative and artistic, and enjoy music and philosophizing about life,” a cozy night in might be the ticket.

“Start out by popping open a bottle of wine, and making your favorite meal together with the Allrecipes app, CookBook app or iCookbook app. Then, cuddle on the couch to watch the latest indie flick with the Netflix app, or a marathon viewing of your favorite TV show via the Hulu Plus app. If you’re musical and really want to blow them away, write and record a song for your muse using the Recording Studio Pro app.”

Epley shares more romantic types and which Windows 8.1 projects and apps might be for you this Friday. To read them all, head over to the Windows Experience Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff