5-year-old makes strides with help from Microsoft technology

Five-year-old Braylon O’Neill was born without tibia and fibula bones in both of his legs, but that hasn’t stopped him from engaging and interacting with the world in much the same way other kids his age do.

“We use Microsoft technology to analyze Braylon’s gait mechanics,” says Treacy Lewander, Braylon’s physical therapist. “We’re able to slow down his movements and watch them, or track where his joints are in space to make any suggestions we may have for his prosthetic alignment, or where he may need more strength.”

When he was 11 months old, Braylon was fitted for his first pair of prostheses – and now he plays ball, he jumps, he walks. In fact, Braylon participated in the San Diego Triathlon Challenge, where he entered in his first kids’ race and won a medal.

“I think the technology has changed Braylon’s life by opening up the world for him and really making it the limitless world, which is what every parent aspires for their child,” says Kelli O’Neill, Braylon’s mother.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff