Works with Office 365 identity program now streamlined for vendors

Newly streamlined, Works with Office 365 has reduced the time it takes for new provider vendors to get qualified.

As Office Blogs explains, “Identity management for Office 365 involves the use of an organization’s existing directory both for user lookup and for password authentication with Office 365. Identity management has two integral aspects that go hand in hand — federation of the authentication system and directory synchronization for the directory user lookup. The Works with Office 365 – Identity program qualifies third-party federation options.”

The Works with Office 365 – Identity program tests interoperability between Office 365 and a third-party identity provider’s product before qualifying third-party identity providers. This allows Microsoft to offer the best possible support for Office 365 customers who use federated identity providers.

Read the details about qualified vendors on TechNet.

Microsoft qualification of a third-party identity provider vendor means:

Microsoft support teams will support the use of Office 365 by Microsoft customers when those Office 365 implementations are federated with the third-party identity provider. Microsoft support teams also have contact with the support team of the identity provider vendor.

Federation between a partner identity provider and Office 365 has passed certain tests and met other requirements as outlined in the program guide. If any test were exempted for a particular identity provider partner, then those will be listed along with the qualification.

For identity provider vendors, the Works with Office 365 – Identity program offers interoperability documentation, automated testing tools, and the opportunity to be qualified as a solution which has undergone testing and that provides confidence about its interoperability with Office 365 for customers.

The requirements for an identity provider vendor to get qualified in the program are listed in the program guide, which also has links to documentation, tools and resources available for interoperability.

Head over to Office Blogs to get all the details on these latest developments in Works with Office 365 and what it means for your organization.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff