Top three winners of second Imagine Cup Challenge 2014 hail from Brazil and Denmark

“Liaison” by Brazil’s Liaison Team

The winners of the second Imagine Cup Challenge of the 2014 season are in, and two of the three best teams hail from Brazil and one from Denmark.

Also known as the Project Blueprint Challenge, teams prepared a document spelling out plans for a great Imagine Cup project. Hundreds of teams of students from dozens of countries around the world competed in this contest. As the Imagine Cup blog explains, “Each team took a long, hard look at their Imagine Cup project and produced a document that really spelled out what they were making: their concept, target audience, early feedback they’ve received, competitors, user personas, top user stories, business model and core technologies.”

As with the Pitch Video Challenge, 10 teams were recognized in each of three Imagine Cup categories (Games, World Citizenship and Innovation). The best team in each category receives $3,000 and the rest receive an Honorable Mention. “All teams receive certificates of victory, Imagine Cup lapel pins and useful feedback on their project by our global panel of industry judges.”

Many teams who competed in the Pitch Video Challenge returned to compete in Project Blueprint. Four Pitch Video winners also won Project Blueprint, including Team Life Up from Brazil.

First place in the Games category went to “Liaison” by Brazil’s Liaison Team. This game focuses on the friendship between a boy and his dog as they explore a challenging landscape of puzzles and adventures.

First Place in the World Citizenship category went to “Can Game” by Team Life Up. This Kinect-based game was designed to help autistic children learn math, motor and social skills. Life Up has tested their prototype with real kids, collected valuable feedback and improved their project greatly. The Imagine Cup judges commended the team for “ongoing improvement, rigorous discipline and thorough documentation of their progress.”

Finally, YouBeRu by Denmark’s YouBeRu won First Place in the Innovation category. “With the potential to disrupt an established field, YouBeRu provides a new way of collecting real-time data on runners in marathons, triathlons and other competitive movement sports in ways that can provide new insights for professionals and new excitement for fans.”

To check out more on these first-place winners and those teams that placed Honorable Mentions, head on over to the Imagine Cup blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff