Microsoft Master Trainer: Useful apps for educators include Class Policy, Kno Textbooks and Bing Translator

Kno Textbooks

In a guest post on the Microsoft in Education blog, Microsoft Fellow and Master Trainer Kim West helps sort out apps that would be to useful to educators.

“There are three types of apps commonly used by educators; mobile, desktop and Web apps. Windows 8 devices are the only tablet PCs that can utilize all three,” she writes. “When reviewing apps, look for ones that will help make lessons individualized, engaging and effective.”

Of thousands of educational mobile apps, West recommends a few standouts. She suggests Class Policy to help manage and monitor a classroom full of students and devices, Kno Textbooks for using interactive textbooks, Touch Develop for creating apps in an hour, Skitch Touch and Community Clips to assess student learning and Bing Translator tool to connect with parents whose first language may not be English.

West also assessed desktop apps that are installed onto computers. “They tend to require a beefier processor, video cards, drivers and other components … Common examples of desktop apps include Office (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook), Adobe Creative Suite, and district curriculum that requires materials to be downloaded onto a device. Any desktop app that can run on Windows 7 can run on Windows 8. In addition to Office, Microsoft has several desktop apps for education – and most of them are free through the Partners in Learning website.”

Finally, in Web apps she singled out Photosynth and SkyDrive. “SkyDrive allows for real time collaboration and there is even an Excel survey tool.”

Head on over to the Microsoft in Education blog to read the rest of West’s post.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff