Bing Ads in 2014 builds upon strong foundation laid in 2013

Building upon major milestones in 2013 that included expanding to 24 new markets and more than 50 new features (including better matching technology), Bing Ads continues in 2014 to “connect advertisers to opportunities across the Microsoft ecosystem; across multiple devices and screens” and continues to “provide them the tools on Bing Ads to optimize for return on time spent, as well as their budgetary investments.”

As David Pann adds on the Bing Ads blog, “That will include easier access to APIs, faster ways to manage campaigns, and more search intelligence.”

Pann explains how in 2014, “platform engineers are working nonstop to provide data and analytic insights to advertisers, such as cross-channel audience views from all Microsoft publishers, multi-channel funnel analysis and integrated search and display attribution.”

Bing Ads will also continue to deliver something advertisers ask for: dynamic and visually rich ad formats that drive engagement. For example, he writes, Hero Ads will continue to expand “in different ways and create additional rich ad extensions to drive calls to your business and increase click-through rates.”

In 2014, advertisers should also see more integration of Bing into Microsoft devices such as Windows Phone and Xbox, giving advertisers more opportunities to reach potential customers.

In 2013, Bing Ads went into 24 new markets and recently added Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and is now reaching 35 markets overall.

Find out what other milestones occurred in 2013 and what else is in store for Bing Ads in 2014 on the Bing Ads blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff