New app controls, simpler certification requirements, added to the Windows Store for developers

The Windows App Builder Blog reported Friday that changes have been made to the Windows Store that help developers set their apps’ release times and dates, manage the availability of their apps and simplify the app certification requirements.

Previously, when developers submitted an app, it went live in the Store as soon as certification and the process of publishing the app was completed, or developers could select a future date to publish their app, wrote Keith Senzel, principal group program manager, Windows Store Dashboard.

Now, developers have more control over when publishing begins. Rather than only choosing the date, developers can set the hour and time zone. Additionally, they can change the release date while their app is in certification, rather than sending it through the certification process again, according to Senzel.

Also, there are times when developers may want to remove an app from the Store for a period of time, such as when fixing a bug or addressing a problem.

“We’ve now given you the ability to remove your app’s listing from the Windows Store at any time just by clicking Remove this app’s listing in the Manage availability section of the App details page in your Dashboard,” Senzel wrote. “You can later click Restore this app’s listing if you decide to make the app available again.”

For the rest of this story, head on over to the Windows App Builder Blog.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff