Monthly roundup of favorite Windows and Windows Phone apps debuts with Flipboard, Fitbit and more


On the Windows Experience Blog, Brandon LeBlanc writes that he’s often asked about his favorite Windows and Windows Phone apps and games. In response, he’s put together a blog post highlighting some of those favorites, and hopes to do these roundups every month. He begins with Flipboard, Fitbit, Package Tracker, “Halo: Spartan Assault,” Xbox One SmartGlass and Nokia Camera.

Flipboard hit the Windows Store back in November and since then, LeBlanc writes he’s “been having a ton of fun with it. With Flipboard, you can find all kinds of content sources to subscribe to and ‘magazines’ from other Flipboard users. Flipboard is like one all-encompassing magazine of content from various sources and people…Flipboard is great for anyone who wants to read a bunch of content but you can also create your own curated magazines of things you find of interest as you read for others to subscribe to. That’s what makes Flipboard fun.”

LeBlanc is also a fan of Fitbit, which helps monitor daily activity through several Fitbit devices. He has a Fitbit Force and loves it, writing that he regularly checks on his daily progress in the Fitbit app on his Windows PC and/or tablet throughout the day. “The Fitbit app shows me progress against my daily goals, as well as daily and historical graphs of activity like my steps, calories burned and floor climbing patterns. The Fitbit app also shows me my nightly sleep patterns (I am not sleeping as much as I should),” he writes.

He advocates Package Tracker as another great app – available on Windows PCs and tablets as well as Windows Phones – that keeps tabs on shipments in transit. “With Package Tracker, I can connect it to SkyDrive so that packages I am tracking at any given moment sync across all my devices. I get notifications when there are status updates for packages. It even puts packages on a map based on their location…You can download Package Tracker from the Windows Store for $2.49 (U.S.) and from the Windows Phone Store  for $1.99 (U.S.).”

LeBlanc includes a game in this first roundup you’ve probably heard about: “Halo: Spartan Assault.” It’s a top-down action shooter you can play on your Windows PC or tablet or your Windows Phone and your Xbox. “What I love about the game is being able to play on any device and have it maintain exactly where I am at in the game.” Speaking of Xbox, LeBlanc also recommends Xbox One SmartGlass, which he’s been using on his tablets and Windows Phone device to control and interact with his Xbox One – such as Web navigation and TV volume. You can download Xbox One SmartGlass from the Windows Store and from the Windows Phone Store.

Finally, LeBlanc tells us about his Lumia 1020 and taking photos using the Nokia Camera app. “With the Nokia Camera app, you can control important camera settings like exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus with just a tap of a button… plus a lot more! I suggest reading this blog post from Nokia on all that the Nokia Camera app can do. You can download the Nokia Camera app from the Windows Phone Store if you have a PureView Lumia device such as the Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 925, or Lumia 1520. P.S. check out this awesome photo I took with my Lumia 1020 this last weekend on a trip to the Oregon coast!”

Head over to the Windows Experience Blog to read LeBlanc’s entire column on his favorite Windows and Windows Phone apps and games.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff