See how Kinect for Windows is revolutionizing treatment for stroke victims

Here are two more examples of how Kinect for Windows can be used to make physical rehabilitation more friendly, effective and affordable. Two distinct research teams – one in Canada, the other, a collaborative team of Microsoft and academic researchers in Asia – are working on separate projects to help stroke victims accelerate recovery and increase adherence to rehab with interactive, game-like exercises that use Kinect for Windows motion capture technology.

A key benefit of this approach is that patients are more likely to do their prescribed exercises, since 65 percent fail to follow their rehabilitation regimens, writes Shawn Errunza of Jintronix. The Montreal-based medical technology startup’s system includes exercises like “Fish Frenzy,” which guides patients through hand exercises by putting them in control of a virtual fish on the hunt for food. The Jintronix system is currently being beta tested at 60 clinics and hospitals around the world, including DaVinci Physical Therapy in the Seattle area and the Gingras Lindsay Rehabilitation Hospital in Montreal. Check out Jintronix’s video for a closer look at their project:

One of three exercises in Stroke Recovery with Kinect, a similar system developed by Microsoft Research Asia and Seoul National University, has patients guide a spaceship through the cosmos while avoiding collisions with oncoming asteroids. Microsoft Research’s Miran Lee writes that systems like these also offer major potential cost savings, since patients can perform and track their exercises from home, cutting down on ongoing office visits. Stroke Recovery with Kinect will eventually incorporate social networking, allowing patients to offer each other support through the system.

This gallery shows more cool projects powered by Kinect for Windows.

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