Want a little quiet time? How to manage Skype notifications

We all need to tone down the digital noise in our lives from time to time. When using Skype, it’s easy to do that, controlling your notifications from Skype for Windows desktop, writes Matthew de Beer on Skype’s Tips & Tricks blog.

You can control the notifications you get for different types of events, such as instant messages or your friends going on or offline, he says. The settings he suggests below apply to all your contacts, so “they’re a quick way to make big changes.”

To change your event notifications:

• Open Skype.

• Go to Tools > Options.

• Select Notifications.

• Tick or un-tick events to suit you and select Save.

If you’re looking for just a short break, you can set your status to “Do Not Disturb,” he writes. “Not only will this let your friends know that you’re otherwise occupied, it will also stop you from receiving notifications until you change it back to Online.”

To learn more, head over to the Skype Tips & Tricks blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff