How to clean up your Skype messages, chat history and Skype Home

Over at Skype’s Tips & Tricks blog, Matthew de Beer says he often sees questions from users who want to know how to delete individual messages, entire chats or even the contents of Skype Home. He provides instructions on how to do all those things in a new post.

It’s easy to remove a single message, including one you haven’t yet sent. “We’ve all been there, you send someone a question and just as you hit enter you figure out the answer for yourself,” he writes. “To save your friend from having to tell you what you already know, you can remove that one message before they see it.”

To remove a message, right click it with your mouse, or press and hold on a touch screen, then select Remove Message. “It’s worth noting that you can only remove messages for a limited period of time after they’re sent,” he writes.

If you want to clear your entire chat history, open Skype and then:

•On the menu bar, select Tools and then Options…
•Select Clear history.
•Select Deletein the dialogue box that appears.

Skype Home, he writes, “is the place to go to find out what your friends are thinking. You’ll see their latest mood messages at a glance and set a mood message of your own. This content updates automatically with your friends’ activity and shouldn’t need to be cleared.”

But, he says, if you do want to erase the contents of Skype Home, you can, but should only do it “if you’re confident of your tech skills.”

Here are the steps:

•Close Skype. To do this, simply right-click the Skype icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen, then select Quit.
•Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press R.
• Type %appdata%skype in the Run dialog box, then click OK.
•Select the folder with your Skype Name and open it.
•In the folder, locate the keyval.dbfile, then delete or rename it.

The tips here are for Skype for Windows desktop. If you’d like more info for other devices, let him know in the comments section of the Skype Tips & Tricks blog, or ask questions in the Skype Community.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff