RCS MediaGroup uses Office 365 and other Microsoft technology to modernize its communications

RCS MediaGroup, a global Italian multimedia publishing company, has modernized and unified its communications infrastructure and enabled flexible, cloud-based collaboration through a comprehensive Microsoft technology solution that includes Microsoft Office 365, Windows Azure, Microsoft Lync 2013, Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

“With the benefits of a consistent approach for the end user, complete transparency for the delivery and the availability of Office applications, there will be more and more opportunities for our employees to continue deliver new, innovative ideas,” said Umberto Tonelli, chief information officer of RCS MediaGroup. “For the IT department, this is a win-win situation; we are protecting our investments in technology, diminishing the risk of a massive deployment and finding new space to introduce innovation.”

RCS needed to modernize its existing infrastructure while maintaining the security and quality of its business data and systems. With Microsoft cloud solutions, RCS benefits from security-enhanced cloud storage, improves its disaster preparedness through the protection of relevant assets (such as digitized historical archives of newspapers), simplifies its communications infrastructure and provides agile project management tools. A mobile workforce uses these solutions to manage more than 200 projects within its digital product development department.

Using modern Windows apps and storage in the cloud, RCS has developed a solution for its book publishing company (RCS Libri) that gives sales agents the ability to retrieve their new books catalogue while on-the-go and present it interactively to customers – and take sales orders from them on-the-spot.

The new platform provides marketing teams with a new collaborative environment, based on Office 365, where they can invite customers to focus groups to discuss and vote on new products RCS plans to release. The Office 365 cloud environment will also help RCS transform its intranet from a pure top-down communications tool to an interactive self-service desk, in collaboration with SharePoint 2013 on-premises.

RCS employees will now be able to deal with administrative tasks on their own, as well as support their business activities, collaborate with their network, contribute to and search the enterprise knowledge base, access personal productivity tools (email, calendar and tasks, for example), and manage their personal profile, information and files. They’ll be able to share documents and images, manage projects and communicate from virtually anywhere, on any device.

Read more about RCS and its shift to a comprehensive Microsoft technology solution in this press release. More information about how organizations are turning to Microsoft technology is available on the Microsoft Customer Spotlight newsroom.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff