Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. expands to China

Jean Paoli, President of Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., during his keynote at the launch of Microsoft Open Technologies in Shanghai, China on Jan. 16.

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech) – a subsidiary of Microsoft dedicated to bridging Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies – has announced the opening of a subsidiary in China that will focus on open innovation and collaboration with open source and open standards communities.

Microsoft Open Technologies (Shanghai) Company Limited (aka MS Open Tech Shanghai) will facilitate interactions between Microsoft proprietary development processes and the company’s open innovation efforts for services and devices. Through its operations in Shanghai, MS Open Tech will play a pivotal role by driving investments in interoperability and standards in Microsoft products, contributing to the local open source communities and enabling open source software on Microsoft platforms, such as Windows Azure.

MS Open Tech Shanghai will have a robust team of engineers, standards professionals and technical evangelists who have roots in open source and open standards. In a July 2013 report, Gartner Research shed light on the “growing interest in China in the evolution of cloud technologies, open source software, shared services, data center technologies such as the software-defined network, smart cities and green IT/sustainability.”

As these interests in China increase, Microsoft is in a unique position to bridge proprietary technology and open source software, delivering greater choice and flexibility for customers to manage heterogeneous IT environments successfully.

In a press release, Jean Paoli, president of MS Open Tech says, “We are committed to fostering Chinese innovation. Our new subsidiary will offer more flexibility to iterate and release open source software created in China, participate in existing open source and open standards efforts and collaborate with the community of open source developers in China.”

Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang, corporate vice president of Microsoft China, adds, “Microsoft sees the value in technology development and talent in China, and with the opening of MS Open Tech Shanghai, we are able to advance Microsoft’s investment in the China market.”

MS Open Tech works all over the world with many Microsoft product groups to ensure open source technologies work well with Microsoft products, and open standards are supported. MS Open Tech helps developers reach more people in more ways across multiple devices by engaging with a variety of standards organizations (such as: Distributed Management Task Force, Inc., Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards and The Internet Engineering Task Force ) and open source communities (such as Apache Cordova, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and WebKit, Blink and Mozilla.)

For more information and updates about MS Open Tech Shanghai, check out the MS Open Tech Blog or visit the MS Open Tech Chinese subsidiary website.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff