How OneNote makes life easier for one family on the go

William Devereux got his seven-member family using OneNote originally as a “place to store a list of Wi-Fi network IDs and passwords where we all could access them.” In the three years since then, OneNote has become the go-to resource for the household for much more.

“I use OneNote to keep track of just about every aspect of my life, from college schedules to personal productivity and interests,” Devereux writes on the OneNote Blog. “My family members are as busy as I am, so we created a shared notebook to help keep track of all seven of us.”

The OneNote family notebook can be accessed by his parents, brother and three sisters, allowing all of them to “share important information and plans.”

At the start, Devereux writes, it was information like “the make, model, year and license plate number for each of our vehicles, smartphone upgrade eligibility dates, airline rewards numbers, repair services, and instructions for how to set up email accounts.”

But when his parents decided to make the “full transition from paper note-taking to OneNote,” the notebook size “increased exponentially with great ideas I’d never even thought of. Now the notebook has sections for chores (complete with checkboxes so my parents can track my siblings’ progress), health records, benefits, tips, rosters for various organizations, and planning for all sorts of trips and vacations.”

While there’s a lot going on in that family notebook, Devereux says it is “easy to stay on top of all of the changes thanks to the Family Room feature in Windows Phone 8. The Live Tile pinned to my Start screen indicates when a note has been updated or created, and one of the pivots in the Family Room shows a list of the most-recently-updated notes.”

To read more about the Devereux family’s use of OneNote and how it might help your own family, head over to the OneNote Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff