Goal! More Windows Phone users can play ‘FIFA 13’

What most of the world calls football, Americans call soccer – but whatever you call it, the FIFA World Cup brings fans around the world together every four years. But with “FIFA 13” you don’t have to wait until the tournament starts in Brazil this summer to revel in the game’s fast moves and thrills.

Now this top Xbox title is available for more Windows Phones and no longer exclusive to Nokia phones. Everyone with a compatible device – including high memory ones – can  execute masterful footwork and score heart-stopping goals. You’re bound to play with your favorite stars in a game that has 30 leagues, 500 licensed teams and more than 15,000 players in 32 authentic stadiums.

Install “FIFA 13” from the Windows Phone Store and kickoff your World Cup experience in the palm of your hand. Head on over to the Windows Phone Blog to read more about this game.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff