Windows 8.1 3D printer driver released by TierTime at CES 2014

We saw all kinds of 3D printed goodies that were demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show, and at the show, TierTime, which makes 3D printers, launched its Windows 8.1 3D printer driver.

“At CES 2014, 3D printing has become one of the most exciting technology categories,” writes Gavin Gear on the Extreme Windows Blog. “With Windows 8.1 native 3D printing support, new 3D printers and new apps available there’s no shortage of cool new 3D printing tech to experience.”

TierTime’s 3D printers include the TierTime Up Mini, which costs less than $1,000 and “includes many features normally found on more expensive 3D printers,” he says.

“We are really excited about releasing UP! 3D Printer driver for Windows 8.1,” Allen Guo, CEO of TierTime, said in a press release. “The introduction of a 3D printing platform in Windows 8.1 provides a real plug and play environment benefiting 3D printing customers, 3D printer manufacturers and third-party independent software vendors. Everybody can collaborate on the same 3D printing platform, and it will greatly accelerate the adoption of 3D printers in consumer market.”

To read Gear’s full post, head over to the Extreme Windows Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff