Unless you’re a grizzly bear or gray wolf, don’t mess with these one-ton bruisers on the Bing home page

Another day, another awesome image on the Bing home page. Friday’s installment sends us to Yellowstone National Park, where American bison are seen hunkering down for the winter amid some awe-inspiring landscape.

The spectacular shot by Corbis’ Jeff Vanuga captures some of the 30,000 wild bison that roam in herds within protected wildlife areas and national parks, like the ones above in Yellowstone.

The American bison came close to extinction by the end of the 19th century – fewer than 1,000. They’ve since rebounded to about 500,000, but most are semi-domesticated and raised as livestock on private ranches. It’s a far cry from the tens of millions that used to dominate the North American Plains.

We also find out from the Bing home page that 2,000-pound American bison can take on pretty much anything non-human out in the wild – except for gray wolves or the occasional grizzly bear.

Find out more about these fascinating animals on the Bing home page.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff