Microsoft Advertising creativity session explores a future with Kinect, Skype and Windows 8 ads in apps

For the second consecutive year, Microsoft Advertising UK invited the creative world in for an afternoon of future gazing, product updates and hands-on experiences.

As the Microsoft Advertising Blog reports, “Dave Coplin, Microsoft’s chief envisaging officer invited the crowd to temporarily forget the shackles of current technical infrastructures and open their minds to a new world. A world of machine learning, refined interfaces such as Microsoft’s Kinect technology, and manageable big data.” 

The creativity session also dove into Kinect-based technology, which could make some real headway in retail stores (like being able to try on clothes without taking any off). Session participants also saw how Specsavers used the Skype platform to enable entries for a campaign, which resulted in 66 percent of those who saw the ad take further action. There was also a demo of advertising opportunities in Windows 8 ads in apps (as you can see from the video above).

Get all the details about this creativity session and how to attend future sessions on the Microsoft Advertising Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff