CES 2014: Xbox execs participate in future of gaming panels and emphasize importance of personalization

Xbox was in the house at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, with Xbox execs speaking on two industry panels about the future of gaming. Their message: While gaming content remains king, customers also want to be able to create their own personal entertainment universe using their consoles, Xbox Wire reports.

Marc Whitten, Xbox chief product officer, spoke on the industry panel, “Next-Gen Game Consoles: The Only Set-Top Box You’ll Ever Need” on Wednesday. Albert Penello, Xbox senior director of product management and planning, talked about “Five Trends Driving the Future of Gaming” at a Tuesday panel.

In talking about next-generation consoles’ need to appeal to everyone at home, Whitten said that “The more we can make that content and that experience simple for everyone to use and give tools that just make it work for people, the more they’re drawn to it.

“So our vision with Xbox One is just that: how can we create a set of tools that let you feel like you’re in the control of your entertainment, that it’s personalized around you and that you can do great things with that – whether it’s talking with your friends, or playing a game, or playing a game while you’re watching some video with Machinima.”

Meanwhile, Penello said on the panel that “the idea that a console is a single-purpose device is the past. The future is a multitasking customer – a device that does more than just gaming at home.”

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff