Windows Store’s weekly sale goes bananas with ‘Chimpact’ and appeals to ‘Star Trek’ fans with LCARS Interface

The weekly sale at the Windows Store gives you six apps, indie games and Xbox titles priced at least half-off and the latest batch includes fun times with a chimp, snowboarding stunts and a nostalgic homage to “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

In “iStunt 2” ($2.49, regularly $4.99), you’re riding down the slopes on a snowboard, showing off some serious shredding. With “Chimpact” ($2.49, regularly $4.99) you’re traveling with a cute chimp through a crisply rendered jungle to collect gems, medallions and, of course, bananas. In “Doodle Kingdom” ($1.49, regularly $4.99) you create your own kingdom, with castles, knights, warlocks and dragons.

If you want to switch it up with more realistic games, try “Farming Simulator” ($1.49, regularly $4.99). With this app, you cultivate fields, maintain roads and run your farm in a small village. Or maybe you’re more in the mood to get your financial house in order. MoBu ($3.49, regularly $6.99) helps you track and manage your personal finances – and make a plan for the future. Finally, the LCARS Interface ($1.49, regularly $2.99) harkens back to the future envisioned by “Star Trek: The Next Generation” with a computer interface that makes it feel like you’re on a starship.


Check out all of these Red Stripe Deals in the Windows Store.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff