Developers: Here’s how you create apps that use multiple windows

On Thursday, the Windows App Builder Blog published a post that walks developers through the process for creating app experiences that use multiple windows.

Windows 8.1 allows a single app to show more than one window so that users can quickly access two different parts of the app at the same time. This unlocks new scenarios such as comparing multiple documents simultaneously or composing a document while referencing other materials from the same app.

Apps can even leverage multiple displays by showing content on one display and something else on another display. Developers can use this capability in their apps to make them even more powerful and efficient.

“Mail, Internet Explorer, and Reader are some of the first apps to support multiple windows. Mail is a great example of how multiple windows should work. Mail starts by offering an elegant and efficient experience in a single window,” writes Chaitanya Sareen, principal program manager lead, Windows, in a blog post. “By default, whenever the user starts a new message or opens an existing email, Mail shows that item in the same window as the inbox. Such behavior makes navigation inside Mail fast and keeps window management simple since there is only one window.”

To get the rest of the story, head on over to the Windows App Builder Blog.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff