Behind Skype’s pursuit of the perfect video call

In the two years since Microsoft acquired Skype, Microsoft has created cross-platform software that enables you to make Skype video calls in high definition on a broad set of hardware, all with a consistent audio and visual experience, writes Mo Ladha of the Skype team.

“From television to desktop, mobile, Web, and – most recently – Xbox, we created a universal HD video calling experience built on Skype cross-platform components combined with an optimized H.264 codec.”

The Skype team continues to look forward to “providing HD across all platforms, evolving the fidelity and experience of the call (improving low light conditions and face tracking) building more group experiences and continue to provide better capabilities to all of our Skype users,” he writes on the Skype Big Blog. “All of this and the innovative work we’ve done for the Xbox One provide a full HD Skype video calling experience in the living room,” the largest screen in the home.

To read more about Skype and HD, head over to Skype’s Big Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff