WorldWide Telescope celebrates fifth anniversary with a new release

For five years, WorldWide Telescope has inspired students and astronomy enthusiasts with its interactive educational content and detailed perspective of the heavens. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the 5.0 release is now available, having been unveiled at the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington, D.C.

As the Microsoft Research Connections Blog explains, the newest version of WorldWide Telescope comes with powerful new features and includes access to new data sets that make planets and other solar system bodies look better than ever.

“The entire rendering system has been rewritten with cutting-edge technologies that give users a high-performance, cinematic experience. A new timeline editor provides tour authors with detailed control of camera motion, settings and animation, allowing them to create sophisticated, smooth visual sequences with far less work. What’s more, WWT can now import and display highly detailed 3D models, and it even comes preloaded with several, including a high-fidelity representation of the International Space Station.”

The American Astronomical Society debut of WorldWide Telescope 5.0 includes demos and informal talks for professional astronomers on the exhibit floor. Several researchers and educators are also giving talks on WorldWide Telescope during the conference.

Learn more about this release of WorldWide Telescope on the Microsoft Research Connections Blog and download it for free.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff