The imagery in this Bing home page is real – and you can visit it

When I first saw Monday’s Bing home page, I thought for sure it must be from some kind of sci-fi movie, or video game. But after clicking on the information squares embedded in the image, I found out it was quite real.

You can see this otherworldly scenery in person in Texas at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, adjacent to the convention center downtown and open all year to the public. (Even now, while the rest of the country is huddled indoors for snow days, it’s still above freezing and getting warmer in Fort Worth.)

But if it does look familiar to you sci-fi fans, that’s because the 1976 classic “Logan’s Run” filmed here.

Check out the Bing home page and see what other trivia might pique your interest about this urban oasis.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff