Dell Precision M3800: Ultra-high resolution touch laptop is also a workstation

If we had laptops like Dell’s new Precision M3800 around as a workstation – well, oooh-la-la, we’d be productive, you bet.

“Imagine a laptop that’s thin and light that also has a beautiful 15-inch ultra-high resolution 10 point multi-touch screen,” writes Gavin Gear on the Extreme Windows Blog. “Now imagine it’s also equipped with high-performance workstation-class internal hardware. Sound too good to be true? This isn’t a wish list, I’m describing the new Dell M3800 workstation laptop.”

This laptop is loaded for bear and for the office. “The screen may be the first thing I noticed about the M3800,” Gear writes, but when he started to use it there was something else he immediately appreciated: the design.

“Simplistic clean lines, high quality materials, and a thin profile work together to form a laptop that challenges the traditional concept of a mobile workstation,” he writes. The M3800 is only .071-inch thin (18 mm), and has a starting weight of just a little more than 4 pounds.

With the M3800 being available with dual solid-state drives, “it provides an ideal mobile storage setup for performance minded enthusiasts or professionals,” Gear writes. “The M3800 I used was equipped with dual internal 512 GB SSDs which offered great storage performance for intense video and photo editing.”

Learn more about this exciting laptop from Dell here. And to read Gear’s entire post, head over to the Extreme Windows Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff