App of the Week: Seize control of ancient Rome in ‘Total Conquest’ for Windows & Windows Phone

The goal of “Total Conquest” is simple: total conquest of the Roman Empire, in a battle to end all battles.

That’s no small feat, of course, but you’ll have legions of other online players ready to join forces with you in this strategic and social game. Get ready to rule as a Roman governor, then start raising an army and developing your own city-state.

To win in this game of Rome, you’ll need to defend your city with towers, traps, walls, gates and garrisoned units and fight epic battles by hiring and training an army. You can also hone your skills in the arts of war by taking on a challenging solo campaign.


Your empire awaits – get “Total Conquest” today from the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store! Vae victus! (For those who haven’t brushed up on their Latin, that means “Woe to the vanquished ones!”)

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff