Staff App Pick:

Each week, we bring you a new app recommendation from one of our colleagues. This week’s Staff App Pick comes from Sonal Mane, a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.

I’m learning photography and love sharing my best photos with family and friends. I find myself taking photos of the beautiful Chicago skyline, nature landscapes and fun moments with friends at community events and parties.

I’ve used several solutions to store and share photos and create private albums. Recently, I came across the app for Windows and Windows Phone and loved that I could not only share photos with my friends but also share them with acquaintances at events who are nearby at the venue. I can easily add new contacts using the app and pick contacts from the People app, which is already available on my Surface. After I pick a contact, all I have to do is share!

This app is super helpful at parties and crowded events where I can share using my Windows Phone or at home when I want to just share with my family. The proximity based discovery features make it simple to show my network “nearby” and share instantly. In places where I don’t want to share, I can turn off the functionality using the privacy button.

The app also lets me track the documents and photos that I shared with my friends as an activity feed. The photo viewer option allows for full screen with zoom. This app is a great social photo sharing app and with the holiday season coming, it’s a great way to share photos with family and friends!

You can download from the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store now.

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