Lync Software-Defined Networking API available for free

If you have a Lync Server deployment, you now have access to the Lync Software-Defined Networking API for free. The API provides a data stream of information about media flows, which are then fed into an SDN controller to inform the network about what needs to happen and where. And with that, there should be harmony in the network.

As The Lync Team Blog explains, “SDN has been defined in a bunch of ways … but generally you can think of two things. First, separating the low-level network functions into commodity hardware controlled by a software-based platform. Second, having applications inform the software controller of their requirements of the network. This concept started with cloud-scale data centers and has been moving down-market as enterprise network architects realize the power of this model.”

Using data from the API, network monitoring systems can compare between media flows in Lync and activities in the network that may have an impact on quality. Also, when the controller gets information about a media flow starting up, it can instruct the network to assign the appropriate marking to those packets in real time.

Get all the details about this API on The Lync Team Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff