Find out how your Web app performs on IE11 and other browsers

If you want to find out how your Web apps are performing in the real world with customers, you can do that, instead of relying on testing in an artificial environment.

As the IEBlog reports, the W3C Web Performance working group (together with Google, Mozilla, and other community leaders) has standardized the Navigation Timing, Resource Timing, User Timing and Performance Timeline interfaces to help you understand the performance of navigating, fetching resources and running scripts in your Web application.

With this timing data, you can identify opportunities to improve your Web applications. All of these interfaces are supported in IE11. Check out the Performance Timing Test Drive (above) to see these interfaces in action.

Get all the details on the IEBlog and find out more about how these great tools make your Web app better.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff