My SharePoint Sites app lets users jump quickly from site to site

An app called My SharePoint Sites adds quick navigation to all sites in a given SharePoint collection, and users can jump quickly from site to site from the suite bar, writes Dorrene Brown, a program manager on the Office Developer Platform team.

The app “shines when applied to a medium-to-large sized site collection,” she says in a post on the Apps for Office and SharePoint blog.

“Users only see the sites they are authorized to view, so the chance of unauthorized data access from this app is lessened. The sites the user can see are mapped out in an easy to read tree. Nodes can be expanded or contracted, so only the most pertinent sites are viewed at a time.”

My SharePoint Sites also “cleanly maps the information architecture for your site collection,” Brown writes, which simplifies viewing and consolidating data.

“If you’ve ever ‘lost’ a SharePoint site, or found multiple SharePoint sites that should be combined, you’ll know how great this feature is,” she writes. “Most of us know the pain that comes from digging through SharePoint for a site someone created long ago only to find that the information you’re looking for is on a completely different page. With this app installed, finding your data can be done in less time than it takes to grab a cup of coffee.”

The app, from QuePort, is $1.99, and can be downloaded from the Office Store. To read Brown’s post, head over to the Apps for Office and SharePoint blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff