Your voice is the new remote control on Xbox One

The next time your friends come over and see you talking to your TV, they’re going to look at you in awe – instead of wondering if you have an unhealthy attachment to your electronics. Because with your voice, you now have the power to find whatever you’re looking for on Xbox One.

As the Bing Search Blog reports, “In addition to combining games, music, movies, and live TV into one amazing device, every Xbox One utilizes the power of Bing and Kinect to make it fast, easy and natural to find, play, watch, and listen to whatever you want … Voice search works across media types and across apps so you can focus on deciding what to enjoy rather than where and how to find it. You say it, Xbox One finds it.”

In the video above, you can see Xbox expert Major Nelson try it out.

Not only can you use your voice to control your entertainment and gaming experience, you can also use it to control the whole system: “From turning on the console (‘Xbox, on’) to launching a game (‘Xbox, go to ‘Forza Motorsport 5’) to initiating a Skype call with your buddy (‘Xbox, Skype, John’).”

Xbox One is just one of many products where you’ll find the evolving power of Bing. With the worldwide availability of Windows 8.1, Bing Smart Search arrived as an all-in-one spot to find you’re looking for.

Head on over to the Bing Search Blog to find out more, and start polishing your pipes. You’ll be using it a lot more with Xbox One!

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff