‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ launch trailer brings home the intense combat, tragedy of the battles

Microsoft Studios and Crytek released the launch trailer for “Ryse: Son of Rome” on Tuesday, and the dramatic video shows the game’s brutality and turmoil, reports Xbox Wire.

“Ryse: Son of Rome,” being released Friday exclusively for Xbox One, follows fearless Roman soldier Marius Titus as he defends Rome from the growing threat of invading barbarians – the same barbarians who murdered his family. He swears vengeance against them, but it comes at a huge personal cost: He is fighting for vengeance, but he also sees the corruption that has poisoned the empire he vowed to protect.

The trailer also shows Gladiator mode, where a player can enter the Colosseum and battle enemies either alone or next to a fellow gladiator using Xbox Live.

“Fueled by Crytek’s CRYENGINE and the power of Xbox One, ‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ brings the violence, chaos and depravity of ancient Rome to life with unprecedented cinematic realism,” Xbox Wire writes.

You can see the video above, and to learn more, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff