Surface’s power, portability convinced tech blogger to make it his constant companion

Tech blogger Lane Freeze was used to dragging around a “huge laptop that definitely had power, but it was just too big.” The laptop essentially became a desktop to him: it wound up staying home, on the top of his desk. Not good for someone constantly on the go, who needs portability and power. He got them both in the Surface.

“Having a device that’s small enough to actually take with me all the time encourages me to do so. That’s the power of Surface,” Freeze says in an interview on the Surface Blog. “You actually have it with you, all the time, and you don’t feel silly carrying it around since it’s so small and light. It feels like carrying around a notebook. It’s also incredibly elegant, so I always want to be looking at it and working on it.”

In the interview with Emilie Bridon, Microsoft Surface senior manager, Freeze talks about a friend who was using a “competing tablet to keep his notes and handle his forms, but he’s really limited by the software and the hardware. Having a keyboard and mouse and Office are really things that he needs.”

The Surface’s kickstand also “means you can use it in a sort of hands-free orientation. When you’re not worrying about dropping the device, you can obviously type much faster, and interacting with the screen is actually easier,” he says.

Also extremely useful, the included USB port “with you all the time is also powerful even if it’s just for something as simple as charging your phone when it dies.”

In the video, above and on the Surface Blog, Freeze says that the “concept of having one device that does everything has been something that every technology company has been interested in making for a long time. Until now, I don’t feel like anyone’s really done a good job of it.”

To read the full interview, head over to the Surface Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff