Surface 2 fan’s video shows the coolest tips – ever – that everyone can use

When clean energy engineer Sean Ong recently went shopping for a new tablet, he was “looking for something that I could still have fun with, but also get some work done.” He was tired of carrying around both a tablet and a laptop, wanted a device with all-day battery life, “a solid productivity/office suite” and a USB port. He was drawn to Surface 2 for those reasons and for its industrial design. And since buying it, he has not wasted a minute learning all the things it can do, everything from opening and running programs like Word, Facebook and Google search using voice commands, to using Surface 2 as a gaming console.

Ong shares a wealth of cool info in a new video, “Why I Love my Microsoft Surface 2: Tips and Tricks,” shown here and on the Surface blog.

Adam Dixon, Surface product marketing manager, writes on the blog that he met Ong at a recent game conference, and was struck by his infectious enthusiasm.

“I wasn’t expecting too much from the Surface, and I wasn’t aware of everything that it was capable of doing. But I was very surprised to find out how capable the device was,” Ong tells Dixon in an interview.

To read the full post, head over to the Surface blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff