Boo! Check out these five OneNote tips from the writers of the horror blockbuster ‘The Conjuring’

The OneNote team recently had the chance to sit down with Chad and Carey Hayes, the writing duo who penned the script for the summer horror blockbuster “The Conjuring.”

In a post on the OneNote Blog on Thursday (Halloween), the two writers share five tips for beginning and aspiring writers.

“The secret to being a writer is no secret at all. Just write. Write anywhere and everywhere you can. OneNote is great for writers because you can use it virtually anywhere and on nearly any device. Have a few minutes in a coffee shop? Write a couple paragraphs on your tablet. Get an idea on the bus or train? Open OneNote on your phone and write it down. Writing is a skill that must be honed. We write every chance we get,” the duo advises.

Other important tips: read as much as you can, start with an outline, don’t skimp on editing and revision and try writing with a partner. Oh, and use OneNote.

For the rest of the story, head on over to The OneNote Blog.

(Side note: I’ve seen “The Conjuring.” Twice. It gave me nightmares BOTH times. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys being scared, tonight might be a good night for a viewing!)

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff