App of the Week: Play the Nokia classic ‘Snake’ for Windows Phone

Way back in 1997, Nokia design engineer Taneli Armanto created “Snake,” a simple and addictive game that quickly became a hit. The object of the game? Easy. Feed the snake!

If you’re the nostalgic type that enjoys classic games, you’ll get a kick out of the remake available in the Windows Phone Store, which comes with both Classic and Challenge modes. The remake was created by AE Mobile.

In Classic mode, there are 11 levels, and each has its own game speed and scoring rule. Train yourself by playing different levels and get a higher score. In Challenge mode, the game starts with a low speed and increases after eating a block. Challenge yourself and you just might get the champion honor.

Download “Snake” now in the Windows Phone Store and get started feeding the snake! You can find other great games from AE Mobile in the Windows Phone Store too.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff