How to use sensors to develop gotta-have Windows 8.1 tablet apps

Naturally, every app developer wants to build the killer app – the one that people just “gotta” have and can’t get enough of. If they succeed, odds are they used sensors in their app. Sensors are what lets the app know the relationship between the device and the physical world around it. Windows Store apps on the Dev Center support a wide array of sensors that can open up a developer’s world to creating compelling and interactive apps for tablets.

A post on the Windows App Builder Blog explains that sensors can help make games, augmented reality apps- or utility apps “more useful and interactive by providing a unique form of input,” such as using the motion of a tablet to simulate the user being in a cockpit with the device as the steering wheel, as you see in the image above.

In a post on the Windows App Builder Blog, Brian Rockwell, program manager for Sensors on Windows, walks you through how to use these sensors, providing recommendations and tips throughout. Rockwell says if you follow the guidelines outlined in his blog post, your app will be able to run elegantly on any device and in any orientation.

To get the full story and get started using sensors in your apps, take a look at Tuesday’s post on the Windows App Builder Blog.

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Deborah Pisano
Microsoft News Center Staff