Developer comments lead to new features that make Windows Phone app creation even easier

Windows Phone App Studio Beta, an app creation tool designed to take developers from idea to app in just a matter of steps, announced a new set of features that went live Wednesday, with developers getting the credit for the changes, reports Emilio Salvador Prieto on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

Since its launch two months ago, Windows Phone App Studio Beta, available in the Windows App Store, as shown above, has had “incredible momentum,” he writes. There are 160,000 users who have created more than 150,000 projects and built 65,000 apps, he said.

“Your active participation in discussions of Windows Phone App Studio — blogging, tweeting, and emailing — has let us know what matters to you, and this has helped us continue to work toward a more compelling Windows Phone App Studio Beta experience. That’s why today we’re announcing a new set of features that will make App Studio Beta even more responsive to your app development needs.”

Among the changes: App development workflow is improved, integrating native phone functions into an app is now easier using “actions,” and “as we work toward integrating third-party SDKs, we have included calls to the Windows Phone Ad SDK.”

If you want to use the new features and see how your apps look, go to your Windows Phone App Studio dashboard and recreate your application, Prieto writes.

To learn more about the changes to Windows Phone App Studio Beta, head over to the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff