Staff App Pick: Wordament

Each week, we bring you a new app recommendation from one of our colleagues. This week’s Staff App Pick comes from Lukas Velush, an editor on Microsoft’s Employee Communications Team.

Oh how I do wish that I was one of the elite, the few, the rare breed of word finder who can find more than one word per second on the game Wordament. The best I’ve ever done is find 56 words in two minutes. My goal is to climb the mountain and get to 60 – which means I would find one word every two seconds. The all-time champ found 193 words in two minutes – that’s more than three words per second! (Read her story at the Wordament link above.)

What is Wordament, you may be asking? It’s the Boggle-like word game where you use your finger (usually your thumb on a phone) to trace as many words as you can find in a block of 16 letters in just two minutes.

The beauty of this game is that you are competing with everyone else who wants to play – a new game starts roughly every three minutes – you join in when you want and you drop off whenever you feel like it. The game keeps track of your scores in a variety of fun ways – for example, I once placed 23rd overall (way before it became as popular as it is now), the best word I ever found was shuffleboard, and I have… wait for it… played the game 1,745 times. Whoa – I didn’t realize I had played it that many times!

Wordament is one of the original games on the Windows Phone platform – it has since expanded to appear on Windows 8 devices, and is now even found on many competing platforms. Dive in and try it – you just might find out that you’re a word-finding champion.

Download Wordament on the Windows Phone platform here and on Windows 8 here.

Lukas Velush
Editor, Microsoft Employee Communications Team