Delta to equip more than 11,000 pilots with Surface 2 devices

In a guest post on Monday over on The Official Microsoft Blog, Mike Wysocki, director of Delta Flight Operations Technical and Operational Support, announced that more than 11,000 Delta pilots will be equipped with Surface 2 devices running Windows RT 8.1.

“The innovative handheld tablet puts in the hands of our talented group of aviators the right tools to do their job and do it well as they fly more than 160 million passengers safely every year,” writes Wysocki.

Stored on the Surface 2 will be thousands of pages of easily accessible electronic documents, charts, navigational aids, checklists and other key reference materials previously kept in heavy flight bags.

According to Wysocki, once rolled out to the entire fleet, Delta will see an immediate fuel and cost savings as the cumbersome and heavy paper documents are removed from onboard Delta aircraft. The airline expects to eliminate the use of 7.5 million sheets of paper annually while reducing carbon emissions by 26 million pounds on 1.2 million fewer gallons of fuel.

For more on this story, read Wysocki’s guest post on The Official Microsoft Blog and this press release over on the Microsoft News Center.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff