Mobile developers: Make your life easier and your apps better using Web services

Some of the best apps and games out there today tap into online information to give customers real-time data such as weather, stock and news services. Social networking and game playing networks are also part of that connected world, and part of what has driven the smartphone revolution.

It isn’t difficult for developers to build these types of experiences by using Web services that already exist and taking advantage of friendly .NET APIs like WebClient, HTTPWebRequest or the PCL library HTTPClient.

However, you can greatly expand your app’s capabilities by building your own Web service. Backend as a Service (BaaS) providers make this easier than ever, and in many cases you can get started at no cost.

The Windows Phone Developer Blog has cobbled together an extensive list of resources to help developers leverage Web services for their apps. Be sure to check it out.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff