Ever forget how to find an article you absolutely positively wanted to read? Enter the Reading List app

We’ve all had the experience of finding an awesome article – only to have to run to a meeting, pick up a call or get back to a task at hand. And then, hours or days later, we find ourselves either forgetting about the article or spending time searching for it. With the Reading List app that comes with Windows 8.1, you now have an easy way to bookmark content you want to read later.

And it’s not just articles from websites. You can also bookmark content from other apps. This way, you can have all the content you care about in one attractive app. And the bookmarks in Reading List stay updated from one Windows device to another. So you can bookmark something on your work PC and read it later on your Surface when you’re sitting on your couch later. It’ll be there waiting for you.

The app comes with Windows 8.1, which is a free update for Windows 8 consumers starting on Oct. 18. The Reading List is built in, so from the moment you power on your Windows 8.1 device you can start saving content you want to get back to.

Head on over to the Windows Experience Blog to find out more, and be sure to check out all the more than 20 new and improved Microsoft apps and services that will come right from (the) Start on your new Windows device with Windows 8.1.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff