Bring them back with great customer support. Find out how Skype can help

Businesses spend a lot of money and effort to win over customers, so each one you lose to a frustrating customer support experience is quite expensive. Not to mention the bad word of mouth it can unleash.

Enter Skype. A premier tool for chat/voice/video calls along with real-time screen sharing, sending files, and placing calls to landlines and mobile phones worldwide, Skype is a powerful tool for making customer support more productive and effective.

To see how, head on over to the Skype’s Workplace Blog. There guest blogger Jim Courtney describes how he recently used Skype to help a vacation lodging company cut through communications problems involved with getting to the bottom of issues with their reservation system.

Return to Skype’s Workplace Blog for more on how your company can communicate better internally, and with customers and partners.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff