Wield your sword and don’t fear the ‘Reaper’ now on Windows Phone 8

Despite its name, the protagonist in the free RPG game “Reaper” is anything but a scary character. In fact, he’s kind of cuddly cute. But the quests he takes on in this “Tale of a Pale Swordsman” are filled with magic, monsters and some of the most beautiful and richly layered high-def graphics you’ll ever see on a Windows Phone 8 device.

As you wield your sword to uncover the secrets of the Wilderness, your goal is to become the Black Swordsman. There are plenty of obstacles to that goal: thousands of enemies and challenges. But you’ll also have hundreds of swords, armor and other accessories to help you along the way. And, if you want to keep going past the free levels, you can always upgrade to the premium edition.

Install Reaper from the Windows Phone Store and start your legendary journey now!

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff