Bing Page Zero: Answers in the blink of an eye

The Bing team is singularly preoccupied with doing everything in their power to ensure you spend less time searching for information and more time getting things accomplished.

Anyone who’s ever used a search engine knows that it is often a game of trial and error. Sometimes, it takes several searches to find the information you’re looking for.

What if we could better understand and anticipate what you’re searching for? What if we could bring that information to you before you’ve even finished typing? Now, with Bing Page Zero, we can do just that.

Introduced on Tuesday, Bing Page Zero helps you find what you’re looking for before you even see a results page. Start typing a query, and Page Zero will show you content that’s likely to be helpful before you hit “Enter.”

Watch the video above to see Page Zero in action, then head on over to the Bing Blog for an in-depth look at the technology behind this new feature.

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Jeff Meisner
Microsoft News Center Staff